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Welcome to Crystal Wolf Moon Coven

The intent of the Hereditary Witch who started this Coven was to hopefully teach the seekers in his locale area his family Tradition and for this to be the online presence for his Coven. However, as you are aware by now, his health has prevented him from the in-person teachings, Holiday gatherings and Ritual observances.

In an effort to keep part of his original intent for his Coven and this site alive, the teachings that he approved will be continuing. Nor will the lesson plan he approved with b
e changing.  Originally, he was going to augment the Basic Lessons with his Family Tradition. 

Now, not only did I get a set of instructors to assist with the teachings, I also got a heavily experienced male Witch, who lives in Georgetown, to agree to help out with this Coven. He agreed to be available should you want to physically meet with someone, to be available for Ritual & Sabbats. I'm doing what I can to make sure that every single person that has come here for either lessons or for a coven to share Rituals & to share Sabbats with,  have it available. 

The Craft Learning Site has both website: Willow Grove Studies and the Face Book site:

The male Witch helping out has a Face Book site : Gayle Stamp 

  I personally want to thank everyone of you. You all have been wonderful with your prayers and healing blessings that have been sent to the HP. Thank you.  

  General Announcement:

1-21-2014: Email sent out for all members to answer. All members need to respond to it. 

1-13-2014: Will begin putting further updates in the members area.

2013: Due to a recent Stroke, the present HP is in recovery.  We appreciate any and all prayers being sent out for his healing. We are sure you all understand that due to his health issue, any Sabbat and Esbat celebrations and in-person lessons have been put on hold. He will be available for lessons periodically online.  However, for everyone that is interested in the person-to-person and the local Sabbat and Esbat celebrations, we are working on a getting someone to assist with this need. Please be patient with us. 

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